2mm Wetsuit Hood

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Prepare for extreme cold waters with our 2mm Wetsuit Hood. Engineered for maximum warmth and comfort, this hood provides maximum insulation through the head and neck without restricting movement.
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Key Features
  • 2mm thickness for optimal warmth without sacrificing flexibility 
  • Peak to protect your eyes from sun, rain and hail 
  • Ergonomic design for a snug and comfortable fit 
  • Double extended neck panel for advanced seal 
  • Ventilated ear panels for enhanced hearing and comfort 
  • Adjustable cinch cord for a secure fit and seal 
  • Compatible with any wetsuits for versatile use 
What is this hood built for?
  • Cold-water conditions (12°C and above) 
  • Designed for surfing but suitable for a wide range of water activities 

Designed to keep you warm and focused in cold water conditions, our 2mm Wetsuit Hood offers a high level of insulation and comfort. With its ergonomic design and thoughtful features, it's the perfect solution for staying warm, comfortable and protected during the most fridged surfs. This product is unbranded inside and out.


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