9" Raked Hand Foiled Fin

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Elevate your surfing performance with our 9" Raked Hand Foiled Fin. A well-balanced fin that's a great all round and perfect for advanced surfing on a longboard. This raked fin, is meticulously crafted to deliver down the line speed and control through graceful arcing cutbacks. 
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Key Features
  • 9” fin 
  • Hand-foiled construction for superior quality and performance 
  • Raked fin design for increased speed and drive 
  • Expertly crafted with premium materials for durability and reliability 
  • Designed to provide precise control and manoeuvrability in critical sections 
  • Compatible with longboard box
  • Fin comes with screw and plate
  • Ideal for surfers seeking to enhance their control through cutbacks and down the line speed.

What is this fin built for?
  • Maximizing speed, drive, and control on the wave face 
  • Providing surfers with precise manoeuvrability in critical sections 
  • Enhancing performance in powerful, down-the-line waves 

Our 9" Raked Hand Foiled Fin is the ultimate choice for surfers longboard looking to increase speed and control turns. This fin will help you achieve maximum speed and control on every wave.


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