9ft Standard Leash Black

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Secure your board with confidence using our 9ft Standard Leash in classic black. Designed for reliability and durability. This strong 7mm polyurethane leash will keep your board safe.
Color: Black
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Key Features
  • Standard 9ft length suitable for most longboards and funboards 
  • Durable construction for enhanced reliability and longevity 
  • Secure cuff attachment with 50mm padded ankle strap for comfort 
  • Strong and flexible 7mm polyurethane cord for maximum strength and minimal drag 
  • Stainless steel swivel for tangle-free performance 
  • Velcro closure for quick and easy release 
  • Sleek black design for timeless style 
  • Key pocket 
What is this leash built for?
  • Ensuring your board stays within reach while surfing 
  • Minimal drag and tangling
  • Compatible with a wide range of longboards and funboards 

Our 9ft Standard Leash in classic black offers surfers a reliable and durable solution for keeping their board close in the water. With its strong construction and comfortable design, this leash provides peace of mind and allows you to focus on enjoying your time on the waves. This product is unbranded.